Pierre yves: fete bavaroise bretonne

En quête d'un nouvel élan artistique pour cette 26 ème fête bavaroise, nous avons fait appel à l'OBENHEIMER EXPRESS BAND...Résultat nous n'avons pas été déçu, une ambiance excellente tout au long de la soirée, des convives ravis...

Merci à l'ensemble du groupe pour votre professionnalisme et pour votre gentillesse..

à très bientôt pour la 27 ème.....

Montag, 04. Juli 2011

Béatrice MERTZ: Fête des 30 ans MARS Ernolsheim

Un grand merci et bravo de tous les associés de l’usine MARS d’ERNOLSHEIM/BRUCHE à l’Obenheimer Express Band alias RICO Show qui a animé la fête des 30ans d’existence de l'usine Mars à Ernolsheim.

Une belle fête appréciée de tous et beaucoup de plaisir à danser sur les airs du monde entier et pour tous les âges.Je n’ai qu’un espoir, c’est de pouvoir remettre ça bientôt pour une autre occasion.

Freitag, 06. Mai 2011

Monty: Grüße an Obenheim aus Obenheim

Laughing noch mehr Obenheimer! Super, Grüße aus Deutschland.

Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Philippe Richert: ministre et president de la Region Alsace, ministre depuis novembre 2010


Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

Pascale Mettier Bord: (friend)

Great site indeed!And what a wonderful progression. I remember the first time I saw the band in ...2003 (?). Geez, now you're travelling across all the oceans of the planet. Congrats!!Hope I'll be able to join you one day - hidden in one of your suitcases LOL - and offer you a pressbook of my own.Good luck to the Band and a big hug to all its members ;-)Lots of love,Pascale


Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

Daniel Foust: Chairman, Saint Charles Oktoberfest

Great website....As I watch the video from '08 to today, the growth of the Obenheim Band and the members has been tremendous.

Obviosly we in St. Charles are proud to be part of that growth.

It will be enjoyable to view the future videos of the group as they are added..... Lookout Singapore the French are coming.

Good luck!!!!!

Dan & Carla Foust



Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

Pieter Opperman: South Africa, Thank You

I can just say THANK YOU, THANK YOU for an excellent CD.  I wish to congratulate you and your band for such wonderful music.  I am 100% sure that the South African people who attend the Oktoberfest at the Pretoria Deutsche Schule every year will certainly enjoy your music and especially the song “The beer is good”.   What me and my wife really enjoy of the new CD is the variety of songs, the very good instrumentals, excellent vocals (male and female) and then the yodel.  Then I just want to add that the number 13 song “Vaya Con Dios” was a favourite song of mine since my childhood days which is excellently executed on the CD.  I listened to the CD again on my way to the office with the volume quite louder than usual.    To sum up, it is a BRILLIANT CD which you and your band can be very proud of.  I hope you have much success with the selling of it.  Once again THANKS A MILLION for my copy of the CD.  May you go well and please convey my congratulations to your band members.   Kind regards.

Pieter Opperman, South Africa

Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010

Paul Bishop: 2010 Peoria Oktoberfest Features the Obenheimer Express Band

2010 Peoria Oktoberfest Features the Obenheimer Express Band

Around the opening days of Munich's 200th Anniversary Oktoberfest, Peoria, IL in the USA also marked a significant anniversary, the 15th year of their Oktoberfest.  6000 people brought their thirst for the German food, beverages and entertainment.  On this special anniversary year for our fest, the entertainment needed to be just right.  We had our "Official Oktoberfest Band," the Spitzbu'am from St. Louis, MO, the Alpen Echos from Cincinnati, OH, the Heidelberg German Band from Quincy, IL and our local favorites, Ratskeller Brummers, Vogel Musik, Al's Pals, and the Lindenhof Echoes - a great assortment of talent - but we still needed something more - a band from the birthplace of Oompah Music, Central Europe. 

This is where a cooperative effort from Dan Foust of the St. Charles, MO Oktoberfest, working with the Peoria Park District and the Peoria German-American Central Society yielded the perfect solution: the Obenheimer Express band from the Elsass region on the French-German border.  Having heard this 9-piece Oompah band before at the Soulard Oktoberfest in St. Louis, MO, we knew this band would be an outstanding complement to our wonderful entertainment from here in the United States.

You need not take this band's praise only from me, because we had 6000 people dancing, singing and schunkeling to the music of this band from Obenheim.  The band kept the audience spell-bound with a variety of lively music genres including German Beer-Hall Polkas, Waltzes and Schottisches as well as American polkas and a few of our favorite home-grown oldies.  Much of the music was arranged by the band's talented accordion-playing leader, Alain Heilbronn, who lead his eight musicians and vocalists tirelessly through hours of exciting entertainment.  As if the mix of wind instruments, percussion, guitar and keyboards were not enough, the lovely vocalists astounded the audience with yodeling that was faster and more precise than I had ever experienced.

The jaws of the audience dropped in astonishment when this band's music resounded from the Peoria Oktoberfest stages!  When the fest-goers recovered a bit, all most could say was "WOW these guys are GOOD!"   With a single voice, the audience and Fest Chairs, Mary and Megan Reichel, are demanding we get the Obenheimer Express Band back to the Peoria Oktoberfest just as soon as we can.  Dan Foust and I have been working with Alain already, hoping that the wait will not be long.  Until then, I am wearing out a couple of the Obenheimer CDs in my CD player and that will just have to suffice for me until this band makes their return to the Peoria Riverfront.

Paul Bishop, Peoria O-Fest Entertainment Chairman

Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

Grégory Mallet: LE LANDERON, Suisse, août 2010

LE LANDERON, Suisse, août 2010

La Fête de la Bière du Landeron existe depuis une trentaine d’années et est l’une des plus importantes du genre en Suisse. Nous avons engagé l’OEB pour notre soirée bavaroise en 2010 et ne pouvons que nous en féliciter. Ils ont fait preuve d’un enthousiasme débordant, lequel a immédiatement contaminé les centaines de visiteurs présents sous notre chapiteau ce soir là. Il a fallu plusieurs semaines pour que leurs mélodies et en particulier «aie aie aie c’est bon la bière c’est bon la bière…. » cessent de nous trotter dans la tête. Nous espérons vivement avoir l’occasion de les accueillir à nouveau lors de l’une de nos prochaines éditions.

Grégory Mallet, LE LANDERON, Suisse, août 2010

Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

Dan Foust, Chairman: Oktoberfest St Charles Missouri


Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

Dan Foust, Chairman, St Charles County, ...: Thank you


Freitag, 22. Oktober 2010

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